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So, in three short weeks I'll be off to Tokyo, Japan, for about 5 months. I picked up my visa the other day, and I've got a place to stay at until I can move into the University dorms. Now it's just a matter of taking care of the small details. Like buying a suitcase. XD

It's exciting and a bit scary at the same time. I've never been away from home for more than a few weeks at a time, much less to a foreign country, but I'm really looking forward to it. *_*

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And rumors fly, once again. So just to jump on the bandwagon:

To be honest, I don't particularly care what happens as long as the other 5 continue on. I'm sure admitting this will make me a lot of enemies, haha. But KAT-TUN is still KAT-TUN to me, even without Jin.
Actually, the performance that got me into this band in the first place was Peak on Shounen Club Premium, which was a 5 member performance.
That said, on one hand I do think it's selfish of him. On the other hand, he's following his dreams so I can't blame him. But whatever. Please continue to make music and have fun together, even with the 5 of you. ♥
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Wish I'd known about the snowflake cookie v-gft earlier. They seem to have disappeared now. :( So I can only say thank you, zsuness and madam_minnie! ♥

I also posted this on DA, but since I don't have many watchers now (let alone many Final Fantasy fans) it's kinda silent over there. Soooo~

In light of a tentative project (Theme: "off-duty") and a quest to bring this world more Reno ♥, I have a question for you.

What does Reno do in his spare time? :D

What I came up with:

1. Drinking and smoking in a bar. [roughly sketched]
2. Picking up girls (or the other way around).
3. Getting into fights (verbal or otherwise).

I'd love to hear what your thoughts are. :D
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[Fanart] Itachi - Vermillion, various sketches

Found my tablet and finished the realism pic. :D Was using Photoshop but that didn't work at all, and then Mot hvergelmir reminded me of the PaintTool Sai program she sent me. ♥ That worked a LOT better even though all of the program's texts are question marks. XD


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So now that I've discovered that I can use a tablet, I've been practising drawing with it. *_*

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